Volunteer Opportunities



FALL 2016

After School Program (12 years +)

Help with snack routine; assist with activities and games, help supervise children from grades 1 to grade 8. This program spends a lot of time outdoors so dress for the weather. Which day can you volunteer?

Location: Fiddlesticks 71 Cowan Blvd.

Mondays: after school- 5:30pm (2.5 hours)

Tuesdays: after school -5:30pm (2.5 hours)

Wednesdays: after school -5:30pm (2.5 hours)

Thursdays: after school-5:30pm (2.5 hours)

Fridays: after school-5:30pm (2.5 hours)

Start Date: Sept 6th to June


Dodge Ball

Volunteer at our very popular weekly dodge ball program for grades 4-8. Volunteers are responsible for welcoming participants, setting up and cleaning up. Volunteer are encouraged to play along with participates to demonstrate good sportsmanlike conduct.

Location: Clemens Mill Public School

Mondays 6:30pm-8pm (1.5 hours)

Start Date: Sept 19th to June


FYRE Committee Youth Group

Join our youth committee and help plan and organize very cool events throughout the year. It’s a great way to earn your 40 hours and meet new friends. Are you 12 to 18 years old, then sign up today?

Location: Fiddlesticks 71 Cowan Blvd

Date and time: TBD


Girls Club Drop In- (NEW)

Sign-up today and help volunteer at our girls only drop in program. The program is for youth 9 years+.  In this program they play games, cook, crafts, spa fun, sing/dance and hang out.

Location: Fiddlesticks 71 Cowan

Thursdays 6-8pm (2 hours)

Start Date: Sept 29th


Guys Night Drop In- (NEW)

Sign-up today and help volunteer at our guys drop in program. The program is for youth 9 years+.  In this program they play games, video games, sports, cook, and hang out.

Location: Fiddlesticks 71 Cowan

Thursdays 6-8pm (2 hours)

Start Date: Sept 29th


Ice Rink Volunteers (Grade 12 and Up)

Help maintain the outdoor Ice rink. Flooding is always done in partners, and takes place in the evening if temperatures are favorable.  Training is provided.

Location: Can Amera Park

Start Date: Winter 2016-2017

Time commitment: 2 hours, one to two times a week


Office Help/ Reception

Help in the office, greet people, make photo copies, organize supplies and donations, help with flyers and brochures, make calls & more.

Location: Fiddlesticks 71 Cowan

Thursdays 5:30-7pm (1.5 hours)

Start Date: Sept 8th


Open Gym (new)

Fiddlesticks has an open gym for youth in grades 8+. Volunteers will assist staff in playing and organizing whatever sports the participants are interested in.

Location: Clemens Mill Public School

Mondays 8pm-9pm (1 hour)

Start Date: Sept 19th


Christmas in the Neighbourhood

This very popular event needs many volunteers to help make it a success. Some volunteer positions during the event include: crafts, activities, photographer, face painting and more.

Location: Clemens Mill School

Date: Wednesday December 7th

Time: 5:00pm-8:00pm


Newsletter Delivery

Fiddlesticks delivers newsletters door to door 4 times a year.  Please help us get out the news about all our programs and events.

Newsletter route available:

Route #4- Chamberlin Dr./Fairgreen Close/Saginaw Pkwy

Route #9- Bayne Cres./Tassie Lane/Addison Crt./west side of Burnett #176 – 230

Route #11- Shadeland Crt./ Forestview

Route #12- Robson Av.(both sides)/Corbett St.

Route #13- Mullin Cres./Burnett Ave. (both sides) #115 to 167

Route #26- Glen Valley # 171 to 250

Route #32- Middlemiss Cres

Route #34- Longhurst Cres

Route #37- Arthurfach Dr/Brayshaw/Couldhart

Route #38- Brayshaw/Glazebrook

Route #39- Arthur Fach/Baggs/Mayo/Goreing

Route #40- Zieman Cres

Route #41- Dellgrove

Route #42- Coulthard/Baintree

Route #43- Baintree/Garth Massey/Nancroft

Route #44- Arthur Fach/Garth Massey

Route #45- Garth Massey/Bugdale/Redstart/Longspur

Route #47- Hilborn Ave/Turner Ave.

Route #48- Senior Cres


JOIN A COMMITTEEStrawberry Social Volunteers
Do you or members of your family attend any of the following events or programs?  Then we need your help!  To keep these events running successfully we need members of our community to help make suggestions and to assist in planning and organizing.  If you can help, please contact Fiddlesticks today.

~ Youth Dance Committee
~ Christmas in the Neighbourhood
~ Winter Family Fun Day Committee
~ Strawberry Social Committee
~ Summer Camp Parent Committee
~ Ice Rink Committee


Contact Us

Contact us today if you are interested in volunteering for any of the above Volunteer Positions.
Bernardete Tavares
Coordinator of Volunteer Resources
(519) 621-4040 ext. 222